Course Benefits

Glenlyn Academy's courses provide a highly structured performing arts curriculum allowing students to develop core skills, knowledge and understanding.

Promote student development

The courses allow staff to better monitor student progression as their skills develop across a range of styles. For Intermediate and Advanced students, the courses mirror the training programmes offered by full-time vocational colleges, ensuring a seamless transition at 16 to 18.

Each course is rewarding and challenging and designed for students who dance for pleasure and for those who want to eventually pursue full time vocational training. Students will be assessed regularly with verbal feedback given to parents and guardians once a term, with written feedback given once a year.

Personal tutor programme

Students enrolled on to courses will also be given a personal tutor who will oversee their development and provide regular feedback to parents. As students graduate from each standard on a course (1st Steps, Pre-Foundation, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced), they will receive a Glenlyn Academy Diploma recognised by the Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET).

Career advice and guidance

Students enrolled on to Intermediate and Advanced courses will receive regular career and further training advice and given unrivalled access to the country’s leading higher and further education institutions.

Value for money

All courses will offer the best value for money compared to taking individual classes. However if you wish, you may still take single classes. Single classes can also be taken in addition to any course you are enrolled on to. Single classes cost £4.25 (group class) and £9.50 (individual class).